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Services & Pricing

Each of these services are fixed price, delivered via voice and video calls and conclude with a template, framework or other tangible deliverable that will help you evolve the services you provide to your customers

Services I Offer

Success Outcomes

Your customers may like cool software but it’s not why they purchased your service. It is helping them grow revenues, allowing them to scale or improving their efficiency. The deliverable from this service is a Customer Benefits Framework which will help you understand and communicate the value that your customers receive so that everyone is clear. No renewal conversation should begin without an understanding of customer benefits.

Building Better Relationships

Relationships are complicated and this is never more true than in business. You will have many different types of relationships with many different types of contacts inside your customers' organisation. The deliverable from this service is a relationship map for your key customers and all the tools and templates you need to keep them up to date so that you can focus the right person on the right relationship at the right time.


Your routines, processes, systems and interactions ensure the customer experience is consistent, professional and leaves them feeling confident that they are working with the right team. Every business has limited resources so being organised ensures you have the right resources from across your own organisation when you need them to make the most impact on your customers.


The deliverable from this service is a customer traffic lighting system that will keep you and your customers organised.

Expansion Approaches

Customers that are planning to grow with you are planning to stay with you which is why continually assessing how you can create more value is essential in sustaining a customer success relationship. This service delivers an expansion tactics document. It contains all the ways in which your customers can grow with the use of your service and how to start those conversations when it is the right time to do so.

Adoption Insights

The way your customer is using your service is a real-time indication of what is working for them and what is not. It’s an early warning system and will tell you who is getting most from your service and who is not. And there is much more too. The right analysis will tell you if new features are being adopted and can provide an early warning that the customer is not getting all the value that they should. This service will deliver a review of your adoption approach and practical recommendations on the five things you should do next to make sure you understand your customers and how they use your service. 

Custom Services

Your CSM Evolution is ongoing and specific to you, your customers and your business. Whilst each of my individual services can be customised to meet requirements, you may need help with any type of opportunity or issue where an independent, experienced, customer-success focused coach would make a difference. 

Contact me now for details about custom consultations, delivered by my team.


Fixed Price Services

All of the above services are fixed price and will include a deliverable. Generally a medium size fits most but we can narrow the scope a little for more tactical needs and expand it for larger businesses with more complexity or stakeholders.


1-2 Stakeholders

Typically one interview per stakeholder, one workshop, building a document or template and follow-up




3-5 Stakeholders

Typically one inteview per stakeholder, two workshops, building a document or template, preparation and follow-up



Large or Custom

5+ Stakeholders

Identifying the right stakeholders, multiple interviews, workshops, preparation and follow-up based on a statement of work prepared by us at our cost


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